About Masterpiece Mixers

Looking for something new, exciting and creative to do, AT HOME? Invite us over to mix up your own masterpiece. We’ll supply the canvas, the paint and the brushes, and our professional and fun teachers will guide you step-by-step in creating your own piece of art that you keep at the end of the event!

We are based in Loganville and are set up to bring the fun to you. 

Jenny Mazza

Jenny graduated in 1995 from Auburn University with a BA in Fine Arts, in the field of Graphic Design. She worked as a Graphic Designer in Atlanta for a while and soon met and married her husband, Michael.  Shortly after, Jenny changed careers and began teaching preschool and working with children.  After 15 years spent teaching children, she decided to get back to her other  passion, which is art.  She was fortunate to find Masterpiece Mixers in Snellville and began teaching canvas painting classes at the studio.  Jenny’s great love of both art and teaching finally came together at Masterpiece Mixers!  She decided to open up her own Masterpiece Mixers Mobile Studio based out of her home town of Loganville.  This is the first mobile art studio in Georgia.  In her free time, Jenny loves arts and crafts, movies, growing and caring for plants, playing Frisbee with her dog, and cuddling with her cat.